Francis Poulenc

musicien français 1899-1963

“Rethinking Poulenc: 50 Years On” : Poulenc and his contemporaries; Public and private patronage; Poulenc in performance; Poulenc, the critics and the press; Analysing Poulenc; Concert life in twentieth-century France; Ballet and opera in the twentieth-century interwar period; Poulenc’s music and its relationship to place (Paris, Noizay, Rocamadour, etc.); Poulenc and Modernism, Neoclassicism and Surrealism; Poulenc’s secular and sacred muses; Poulenc’s anglophone connections; Poulenc’s legacy. Programme Committee : Barbara L. Kelly (Keele University), Christopher Moore (University of Ottawa), Deborah Mawer (Lancaster University), Sylvie Douche (Paris – Sorbonne).